Membership of PACVTS

The PACVTS is comprised Pakistan’s foremost cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons. PACVTS members have a proven record of distinction within the specialty and have made significant contributions to the care and treatment of cardiothoracic disease throughout the world.

To ensure that the PACVTS builds upon its core values, aspiring members must be nominated by Active, Honorary, or Senior members of the Association to complete the application process and be evaluated by the Membership Committee.

PACVTS membership is divided into following categories.

Founder Member is a member who is a subscriber/promoters of the society. Members can be Cardiovascular Surgeons or Thoracic Surgeons practicing full time as a consultant in a fully equipped hospital for Cardiovascular or Thoracic Surgery.

Life Member is a member who has paid a life time membership fee. Associated Member is elected by the council amongst those who are engaged in training of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery in a recognized hospital. They can take part in the scientific business but not in the general business of the society.

Honorary Member is a person who has played a significant role in promoting and advancing the cause of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery in Pakistan and abroad. He will be elected by the Council of the society with two third majority of the council members. Honorary members will be exempted from payment of any admission or membership fee.


Successful candidates must display a high standard of academic and clinical achievement to ensure that the membership continues to represent the best and brightest in the field. The Membership Committee recognizes that there are many ways a surgeon can contribute to the specialty and assesses how well candidates meet the membership criteria and the Association’s values.


Leadership: Demonstrating citizenship, integrity, and professionalism

Excellence in Patient Care: Dedicating ourselves to the care of thoracic and cardiovascular patients

Research and Innovation: Advancing the field through the creation and application of new knowledge

Education: Disseminating knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning

Mentoring: Fostering the next generation of healthcare specialists for thoracic and cardiovascular patients

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Requirements for Membership

  • Qualified / established Cardiothoracic, Vascular Surgeon/Cardiologist 
  • Current medical license/registration in the country
  • Present two sponsorships
  • Payment of annual dues and fees Steps to apply for membership of PakScts
  • Download the application form from PakScts website: 
  • Submit the duly filled application form
  • Attach all required and supporting documents
  • Enclose two sponsorship letters from society members
  • Payment of membership fee and annual dues


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